12 hole diatonic

I’ve recently bought a used (but unopened - don’t worry) marine band harmonica off ebay as my first harmonica because that was what was recommended to me, however when I was expecting a 10-hole diatonic, I’ve been given a 12-hole (it didn’t actually specify, I just assumed) Could somebody explain what the difference is, and maybe point me to some beginner videos that could help me use it, as most of the ones I have found were using 10 hole harmonicas.
Here is my harmonica: http://us.playhohner.com/instruments/harmonica/diatonic/marine-band/marine-band-36424-soloist/


Hi Paradoxic, That looks a great harmonica! I haven’t come across that before, so I had a little search and found a bit about it on Wikipedia:


It looks like it can be played in the same way as a 10 hole diatonic harmonica, just that your notes are in different holes, as you have extra notes. It looks like yours goes deeper sounds? And apparently good for blues. I would think you could use ordinary 10 hole diatonic harmonica book and videos for the key of C. Just take note of the tuning chart where you bought your harmonica from (here: http://us.playhohner.com/instruments/harmonica/diatonic/marine-band/marine-band-36424-soloist/). I would print that out, as you will need to refer to that and ignore any tuning charts for 10 hole harmonicas in the books and videos, otherwise you will be trying to play the wrong notes in the wrong holes on your harmonica.

Hope that helps some?

I cannot thank you enough, you are awesome! I’ll get to it :smiley:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I just saw your reply! Hope you’ve been having fun with it!

Hey Paradoxic, if you haven’t already figured this out (you probably have),
your harmonica will be a 364 OR a 364S. If it’s the S model, it is SOLO TUNED.
This is the same tuning as most production chromatic harmonicas (just without
the slide and most of the fun). It uses complete octaves with the tonic C repeated
at the start or end of every octave. This 364 is a Richter tuned harmonica. This is
the same tuning as the standard marine band and many other 10 hole diatonics.
With the 364, there are two holes below usual number one hole giving the harmonica a little more range. The 364 and 364S (I believe the S model is also billed as 364/24) will
be played somewhat differently, but you shouldn’t have much trouble figuring out either.
Just don’t try to use the tabs and charts for 10 hole harmonicas. When those charts
are on hole one, you should be on hole 3 (for a 364 model). Don’t try to use 10 hole charts
for the 364S.
Your best choice for learning diatonic harmonica is to purchase a standard 10 hole Key of C Marine Band, Special 20, Golden Melody, or other quality harmonica.