3 Draw bend

Hi all,
I’ve playing for awhile now and I’m decent on 1,2,4,5 draw bend, but gettin’ the full step down on 3 draw is pretty darn difficult. :stuck_out_tongue: :-
Any tips

Howdy Hotrod!

Welcome to the club!

Well the forum and harmonica universe where everybody has to deal with them 2 - 3 bend holes.

So I’m sending you over to the Doctor for Harp Surgery:



Let us know your prognosis!

Good luck!!

Keep smiling!

Keep on harpin’!

Tighten your jetstream by making the air squeeze over your tongue.

Play with the depth of the jet stream (too far forward won’t work, too far back won’t work.

Drop your jaw.

Drop your jaw some more.

Lift your soft palate (on the roof of your mouth)

Lift your soft palate some more.

See my video on my blog for more clarity about these terms (I don’t think I go over 3 draw bend on this one…but it still may help you.



Hi Hotrod,

I’m working on a tune right now called Red Wing. It’s a fast moving fiddle tune and it has 2 3d" in it and I’ve been working, hard on them full step bends for a while.

What JP said is obviously correct but what also helps me is to watch that bend go down with
http://www.harmonicagame.com/ ;D

I’ve been pushing this program like I own it. But truth is it helps me a lot. As I perform

the bend i can watch it come down 8)

Try the free trial

Harp on!!

I think that much of the problem with bending the three hole a whole step does not lay with the technique in itself, but in our ability to hear the difference between the tones. Be able to stop in the middle.

This is at least my experience.

I totally agree at least my experience I cannot hear the difference really, Thats why it helped me to watch it with that harpsoft software program 8)

I never got around to buying that one, but what did the trick for me was getting a cheap synth and exploring the chromatic world from there, and then apply it to the harmonica later.

Hmm…On a C harp - I’ve no trouble getting the B and G# bends; it’s the A in the middle that causes problems.

Too, JP never mentioned his 2-tuner technique to learning bends from his DVD set.

Figuring it’s confidential, if I told ya, he’d probably send Ashish over to have “a word” with me! hehehehe!

But yet, since using 1 tuner is pretty much recommended by many teachers to learn your bends on - Start there!

Keep us posted!

Keep on jammin’!

Try making a hard K on the inhale to attack the note. It works for me and helps me nail it from other adjacent holes instead of sliding down to it.

The inhaled K is a good technique to learn. Helps when tongue blocking too! :slight_smile:

And then that and/or an inhaled “Oy-You” as another ‘trick’ to getting ‘there.’ :o

Best Advice I ever read though came from Tom Ball: “Practice bending until your lips bleed!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yowzah!! ;D

Keep On Harpin’!

Ya there’s one tune I was learning Red Wing, it had two 3D full step bends. I practiced them and I would most always get a 1/2 step bend.

So I stopped and just practiced that one line with the bends over and over and over again. Then I would stop and just hit that 3D full
step bend over and over…it does come eventually. No pain No gain…didn’t bleed though. Got a nasty blister on side of lip :’(

Also every time I would come to that bend I would push the harp hard into my mouth and squeeze my lips together and that combination
with the KOO sound would help bring the bend down sometimes past all the way to 1 1/2 step :-\

But I got it got it done. And now moving on to the next challenge.

Harp on!!

Cool beans, JF!

Bet though you’re going to say you never once opened up your GM harp to gap and/or re-adjust the reeds. Just sucked on it like the Sears wet/dry vac you carry around on your Snap-on truck, eh?!

But you did get that deep 3 draw bend, right?!


Cheers, yo!

Keep on jammin’!

Oh I did it ;D ;D YAHOOO!!! and I try if at all possible to stay out of the inside of a harmonica.

Tried a couple times and ended up throwing in the trash >:(

Did you mention Sears and Snap-on in the same sentence. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Harp On!!

Some good tips here that I’m working on :wink: :wink:

I got the first two bends but the bottom third bend is still out of reach!

Oh you’ll get it Paul, Hit that 3D bent hard, angry hard >:( >:( and you’ll see it especially if you use the bendometer software.

For me it’s easier to get the full 1 1/2 step bend on the 3 than it is to stop it at
1 full step.

But just hit it hard and I think you’ll see it go all the way down.Then just keep doing it over and over again ;DLet me know how you make out with it.

Like the famous line in the movie “WATERBOY”


Harp On!!

Hoi Hotrod,

Consider buying these 3 instructional s from Adam Gussow http://www.modernbluesharmonica.com/home.html it will help you if you keep on struggling .

Have Fun, John


For me it was saying KAW and more volume of air!
Thanks All!

Bent The Whole Way Down YEE HAA!!! Time to celebrate ;D ;D ;D

Hit The Full Screen Button bottom right corner

06熊野大花火 三尺玉海上自爆

That is one cool way to top off a post there, JF! :slight_smile:

Wish there was a way to do that without the direct YouTube link. But then we’d have oversaturation for virtually all over your posts! :-*


Yet I know there’s animated emoticons that do the fireworks thing too. :o

Which we don’t have upgraded here yet, blah, blah, blah, blech! :stuck_out_tongue:

Until then:

Rock on, yo! :smiley: