3rd Granddaughter just arrived!!!

7 pounds 2 ounces (Lilly Ann) @ 6:37 p.m.
I’m prouder than a puppy with 2 peckers!!!

Congrats: Why is it we seem to be more involved in our grandkids then our own kids. Possibly we were too busy paying the bills then?


Congrats, Paul! that great!
Barry, I do believe you are correct! ;D

Thanks Guys!!!
Think about it…
It’s easier to spoil them than to raise them!

Why is it we seem to be more involved in our grand kids then our own kids?

Once, as my mom (god rest her soul!) rounded up the brood of grand kids she was watching, as my brothers picked them up and were driving away, as she waved good-bye, heaving a sigh of relief from exhaustion, she leaned over to her friend and said: “I’m so glad I can give 'em back when I’m done with them!”

Guess she said it all right there!

BTW: Congrats, PB! Sounds like the puppy’s going to grow up to be a fine championship pointer there! Oh, and hope mom, dad, baby, and the rest are doing fine too! Hehehehehe!!!