40 hole harmonica

Hi, I’m new to this site, and fairly new to harmonica playing.
Where can I find songs tabbed for the 40 hole harmonica, or find a chart that shows the layout of the 40 hole compared to the 10 hole so I can work out the tabs myself?
Also, does anybody have tabs for “Seminole Wind” by John Anderson?
Thanks and have a great day.

Howdy Harpman!

Wow! Peeps showing up with big super harmonicas, just putting my little 10-hole to shame! :-X

But all seriousness aside, what kind of harmonica is it? And I’ll do some research to see what I might be able to find.

If you read my post about the worst harmonica I ever bought, then you’ll know I’m on the other end of the spectrum with an Chrometta 8 - 2 C scale side by side chromatic…

Guess I’m stuck looking for music to play on it that hasn’t been invented yet!

Ah well…

Keep on truckin’!

See ya!

It’s just a cheapie that was given to me, but it has a great sound and is easy to move air through. The name on it is “Mississippi” and that is all the markings that it has.

I have one just like yours and I really love the sound.

I also have one. I’ve had this for several years now but never really used it. I’ve now been seriously been trying to play it for about 3 weeks now.

It is in the key of C Below are the tabs. You will notice that 4 draw is an A where I believe typically it should be a G. So Actually it is the same as a 10 hole but you will notice the some of the draws and blows are not even used but the next hole is the correct draw.

To answer the question on how to play it find any music for a Key of C harp

Notice the Standard 10 hole 2 draw is an A not a G. I not positive but all the other post say the 2 draw
is a G. I appologize if I’m wrong.

Quite an impressive layout there, Big Truck!


I have a solo tuned Hohner 12-hole; that’s 3 complete C-C scales. I like to play the same songs up and down the harp in different octaves to add color/flavor.

Am wondering how such tunes would sound on this 40-hole behemoth; and what the maintenance might be on it.

Still though, must play pretty cool too!

Keep on (big) harpin’!!

Because the notes are the same on both the top and bottom you get a intreresting double sound. As if you had two harps plaing exactly the same time.

I’m not sure if there is an easy way to tongue block. Still , I’m just a real novice at this so don’t look to me for any advice. All I can give are the facts about what I have.

I do have this site on my favorites so I’ll be looking to all of you for plenty of advice. Great site

Type ya soon,

Well if you ever do get around to tongue blocking that harp – Perhaps you won’t be too far off from tackling this:

Biggest and (MOST FAKE) Harmonica Ever

Rock on, yo!!