99 Problems...

Anyone know the harp key for this song, a Jay Z cover by Hugo?

Is there a youtube link?


Hugo - 99 Problems (Music Video)

They are playing in E, so an A would be your cross harp key. That should work fine since they are doing a Blues style thing with an E7th as the groove chord.

You try that with an A harp yet?

Hi. First timer here. I can barely make noise on a harmonica, although I play keyboard, guitar and I sing in a rock band. I understand (very) basic music theory. My question today - our band is learning this song and I’ve been assigned the harmonica part. I’m going to buy a harp in the key of A today so I can practice along. Do you have any tips? I’ll be hitting up the newb forum too, but since you guys actually know how to play, I thought I’d be proactive and ask beforehand. Thanks for any assistance you can provide and have a great day! ;D

OK, so I got a Hohner Marine Band harmonica in the key of A - and it sounds AMAZING. The most important thing I learned today? The first 3 spaces are a chord! Whoa! Did NOT know that. :wink: I think I’m actually going to have to pay attention and stop just making noise, and start making music with this little thing! Thanks for the tip on the A! :smiley: ;D

Funny, the guy that asked for the info has no comment, and a completely new guy who started playing today has been assigned the song! :smiley:
It’s all good, since you just started, I’ll try and give you basic idea of what to do with this song. I’m no harp teacher and I haven’t been playing that long myself but I have been playing music a long time so I’ll do what i can for you.
The harp you have {A} has several chords on it actually, at least parts of a bunch of them. The one the song grooves on is E and that note is on the 2 hole when you DRAW it {inhale, suck…you get the picture}, so you got your E chord right there when you draw on holes 123. So, basically mess around with that some to start. Look at a few things about how to get single hole stuff going for a little riff maybe, but anyway, the other chords when they do the slowdown thing are D {5,6 draw} and then A which is blowing pretty much any group of holes on the harp but you might as well just do 4-5-6 since you are right there for the D chord. BTW, don’t hit the 4 or 7 holes when you draw the 5-6 for the D cuz it will sound like s@#t, it’s the wrong note. try to just hit those two holes. if you tilt the back of the harp up a bit but have it pretty deep in your lips with a slight pucker you should be able to hit two notes. Good luck!

LOL well…actually I am a female :wink: but yeah, how ironic is this? I’m very grateful for your help! So I messed around and figured the chords from the guitar parts, and transposed to the harmonica. I was doing everything you said with the E, D and A chords (surprising even myself) but since our main singer wasn’t there tonight, I wasn’t able to dazzle my bandmates with my newfound harmonica abilities (had to sing and play guitar) but my guitar player hubby heard me practicing and really liked it. I’m very happy to have benchmarks to compare what I’m doing against! If we can get a decent recording from our gig next Friday, I will (tentatively and with trepidation) post it. Thanks again!! Have a fabulous weekend! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the assist. I actually forgot about this thread until just now.

No, I haven’t tried it with the A yet, but should be a lot easier now with the info you guys have put up.

Now THAT’s ironic. :wink: