A big hello!

Hi I’m Jason and recently joined the community here. I’m a 31 year old southern born, Midwest raised union bricklayer who is just starting to dabble around with the harmonica. I’ve been a bass guitar player since 1995 and wanted to pick up harpin’ and some vocals to enhance my overall musical ability. I’m loving my lessons and play with a Hohner Special 20 to go along with my lessons. I’m big into the Texas red dirt country scene and really dig a lot of types of music and like meeting all sorts of new people. Feel free to send me a hello anytime! Looking forward to getting to know you all here. Cheers!


A big hello back at you!

I’m glad you joined our group, and make sure and ask any questions you might have along the way!

Peace Out!


Welcome! We will do our best to help where we can! Don’t be shy, we’re all friendly here!