A challenge!!!!

Here’s the story… after the concert about two weeks ago, one of the juniors from my school requested a song to be played with a harmonica so she gave us a tab (without any numbers of which holes to play and where to bend)… (coincidentally, that song was my girlfriend’s favorite song (the one that gave me the harmonica)

I have been practicing this song for almost a week… __… and almost ran out of breath… X__X
and it still sounded strange… I need help and advice on how to pull this off…

Anyway, I still have one more month to go before the school closes for the holidays. No doubt, that song is a very touching…

Oh… here’s the tab of the song I am practicing (The title of the song is called “One Drop”)… seriously… there is a lot of bending involved (it’s goes to show you need to “bend” like David Beckham when you are playing harmonica).

Note:Bend notes explained ( Harp key : C )
3* bending hole 3 from B down to Bb
3** bending hole 3 from B down to A
3*** bending hole 3 from B to Ab

Sora kara
4 3** 5 -4

koboreta hitoshizuku
-3-2-4 4 2**4-3-22

Arigatou o subete
335-4 4 -4-3-2-44

4-3 3** -3 -3 3** 3**

Anata kara okurareta
3**-34 4 4 3-33**-3-2-3

ano yasashisa ga HORA
33 3**-34-4 -2 22

Oozora o tabi shite ,
4 4 4 -3 3**-3 -3-44*

5 3** 3** 3** -2 3** 3**

Tsutsunde agetai
5 3** 3** 3** -2-3-3 3** 3**

English Dub

One drop
that fall from the sky
Thank you ,
I am holding everything
See , the kindness you sent me
Has made a trip in the sky,
and returned
I want to wrap it

(anyway the tab was posted by the person who originally played this song and I was lucky to get my filthy little paws on it,… Nya…)

[i][b]Never heard or played the song before so only thing I can say is lots of practice :o ???

With all them bends it’s bound to be challenging :wink:

Good luck with it though :smiley:

You’ll do it, just be consistent every day practicing it ;D

Hard work will pay you dividends once it’s learned :wink:
Harp On!!

I wouldn’t be surprise though… this song is in Japanese. I planning to practice section by section and turns out okay. Well, I’m trying to learn how to bend as well… bending is difficult…

It looks like you picked one heck of a first attempt at bending.


she gave us a tab (without any numbers of which holes to play and where to bend)
must be an overseas/oriental thing there, eh, jimmy?

but seriously and no bullshit aside, i just wrote a new post with the likes of you, me, and all others in mind who may have some difficulties with that new-fangled techinque called: bending!


while yours may not necessarily fit the category of a simple tune {but who knows, as you’re more familiar with your cultural music than lil ole me} – still, however, in looking over your tabs - i attempted it nonetheless!

if they are correct, or as close to correct as you can get them – well, brother, you can save yourself a whole helluva lot of breathing action if you remember to substitute a 3Blow (3) for a 2Draw (2-)! i already played it this way, and it works!

in addition, having never heard the song itself, still, i’m figuring 3D" slurs and/or some quick articulations aren’t going to kill the song’s nuances either. after all, they’ll be your nuances of whatever you bring to it, eh?

hope this helps!


keep on harpin’!

Well, yea probably… but then again thanks for the help and info. I’m practicing it really hard and I hope i can pull this one off. I have the will power to do it.

Man, that’s all Greek to me. :wink:


To me the hardest part for this song is bending. I am learning how to bend. Well, it also “bend” my patience out of shape. Still trying… I’ll be playing for the girl before I leave school for the holidays. Wish me luck.

The things we will do for our women!.. ;D

Yea dude, I can’t resist those big goo goo eyes, the cute innocent smile and a sweet pleading voice of a cute girl (wait a minute I just sounded like a creep, don’t I?)

Nah, Jimmy!

You sounded like a normal regular guy - wannabe romantic poet even. :slight_smile:

It’s the creeps who are creeps who do creepy things you gotta watch out for! :wink:

So uh, yeah, with those big goo goo eyes, cute innocent smile, and sweet pleading voice: “Come into my web!” said the spider to the fly! ;D


RUN! Jimmy RUN!! ;D

Whoa dude, I just had a serious case of dejavu…

In any case, end of December I’ll be performing for her hope fully it’ll turn out ok. Otherwise there’s always plan B.

Always good to have a back-up plan… :wink:

Just make sure you can tell the twins apart… ::slight_smile:


Having only glanced quickly at the tab, this looks like one of those songs that is best played on a Paddy tuned or country tuned harmonica (they both have the 3** at 3 blow making it easier to play melodies in second position which relies heavy on the supertonic)

You might want to look into that.

That’s a great idea, I’ll look in to that. However it sounds good when I played it on a chromic harmonica (amazingly it is very easy than playing a diatonic one.) Well, THAT’S plan B.

(Maybe… just Maybe… she wants me to go out with me…SPD. and no they are not twins but this one’s a lot cuter)

Plan C

Sometimes you can copy down the notes, and then find another key harmonica that have the same notes without doing all the bending.

I have tried a chromic harmonica, a diatonic A, D, C and G. But the ones that goes are C, and G and bend pretty well now I’m quite confident that I can pull it through.

Yesterday she saw me practicing I think she’s excited…

And Ty… dude I don’t need to ran!

Ty will remind you that you said that!!!