A Fresh Forumant

Hello, Harmonica dot com.

This is to introduce myself in public.

I know…shield your eyes, nose and ears.

I started playing harmonicas in 1969, when in US Army basic training.
My drums were too big to carry around.

I play all harmonica types except the Hohner Harmonetta, an antique harmonica
no longer made.

I was the founder of the Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) Harmonica Club in 1996,
served as annually elected president for 10 years, and also was the club’s music
director and newsletter editor-publisher.

Mostly self-taught, I studied in SPAH seminars with Al & Judy Smith, Bonfiglio,
Wally Petermann, and discussed overblowing with Howard Levy. I still can’t get a decent
overblow sound.

The Hal Leonard music publisher asked me to transcribe famous harp players for
a beginners’ instructional method, and also to perform the music on a CD. That book is
The Fast Track Harmonica Songbook, published in 2001 or 2002.

I studied Music Education at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, and have played
percussion instruments professionally since 1968. From 1979-'97, I taught music in the
Milwaukee Public Schools.

Last January, I was selected to edit and publish The Harmonica Educator quarterly
magazine, when Richard Martin retired. In 2012, my first harmonica book was self-published:
Archaic Adventures, a harmonica history book.

I’ve performed harmonica with symphonies, swing bands, blues bands, and have toured through the USA,
Mexico, Jamaica, Canada, Germany, France, Austria and Hungary. I’ve taught harmonicas since 1975.

Best Regards

John Broecker

I’m very glad to see your posts, it makes me feel good at the time I was stressed.
Imagine life here Both knowledge and entertainment and great content.

Hi John

I’m currently flying solo with no connections at all other than this forum - would be great to build a small network for myself in the Milwaukee area. Would appreciate any pointers you may have to offer.

I am a “newby” and on the steepest part of the learning curve. I introduced myself a little earlier in this “Introduce yourself” forum…“Hello from Milwaukee”…