A game! (two words - story)

Hi! I just thought it would’ve been fun to introduce a game to you all. It goes like this:
I write down two words. e.g. : We are…
and when I’ve wrote those two words down, it’s someone’s elses turn to go, because I can’t write two times in a row.

Like this: I wrote: We are… You wrote: some fantastic … He wrote: good vegetables.
So the sentence goes like this: We are some fantastic good vegetables.
And it goes on for a time, and developes into some stories.

Ok then I will begin and you may continues! :
A little

boy threw

His harmonica

towards a

Santa Claus

sexy Elfette

who played

by himself

in the

dark loo.

he flushed

the poo

wrote graffiti

for herself

Isle (of) Lesbo

you care?

Got Tickets!!

That’s awesome!

Relocation plans.

not yet