A little help here for finding a tab

Hello guys,
I’ve been looking for the tabs of the song " A Song From A Secret Garden" and I can’t find them anywhere, or at least the few ones I found are just wrong. Does anybody here got those? That would be perfect! Thanks.
P.S. Just to make it clear and avoid mixing up the song I’m seeking with songs with similar names, this is the one I’m looking for the tabs:

Song from a Secret Garden

Huh…gorgeous song, just never heard it before! I didn’t find tabs right off the bat…

It’s in C Minor…so…yeah. You either need a Chromatic Harmonica…a C Harmonic Minor Harmonica, or an E Flat Harmonica…

Its a pretty cool song! I don’t know your bending skills…'cause without one of those harmonicas, it’d be tough!

But that’s one man’s opinion!


Thanks for the respond Burning pal! :smiley:
Apparently I’m gonna have a problem. Where I’m living now (Iran) it’s kinda hard to get your hands on harmonicas and they’re really expensive in here too. I only have a C Special 20 harmonica. I recently started bending so I’m not very good @ it, but I think I might be able to manage one song I really wana play. So is it possible to play the song with my harmonica? Of course assuming I somehow manage to get the tabs first.

Once you find the tabs you should be able to play it. Just not with the music because you will be off key to the music that is playing.

If you have some way of speeding up the track, you can change the key of the tune you’re trying to play. For instance, if you can change the key to Dm you can hypothetically play the tune on the one harmonica you own by playing in 3rd position.