A little help with a guitar ...

Hi folks :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t it be a big help for < lonely and <only> > harp players, to find a kind member with a guitar, posting an < allround > (simple) Blues rythm as an mp3 file (for a download)in this forum ?
A beginner would certainly highly appreciate !?
does anybody know if there are such < background > rythms on the net ?
If yes, - please post the link(s). - Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:
IMHO, that way, progressing will actually be faster and more fun !?
Please drop a line and it’ll make my day

  • and maybe other’s too. ;D

Hi Oldy,

There are numerous sites on the web where you can download midi files for blues music, you just need time to look around. I have listed a couple of sites below that may help although not all midi files but you can record the tune and play it back. See how you go if you need further assistance I am sure others will be able to help.




Check this out.

I didn’t really I just googled blues backing tracks.

It might be a pay site.


Another good piece of software you might want to check out is Band in a Box.

I have it and there’s a lot you can do with that. Check it out here:

Harp On!!

Hi Keith,
Thanks a lot for the links.
Yes, one has to take time and look around, and that’s what I did.
Unfortunately, my English is not that fabulous, and I only looked for
back ground music, and so on …
Now, I’ll try, first, your links, and then, - if necessary - to find other
info on the net.
Thanks again, and
best greetings from Western Europe ! :slight_smile:

Hey Joe ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your links !

I’ll study their content, and we’ll see.

Happy to see that this forum can be a precious help for e.g. (also) beginners. :slight_smile: