A rookie from Pennsylvania...

Hello and greetings from Pennsylvania! I am 42 years old and live outside Philadelphia with my lovely wife and two wonderful daughters…and twins on the way! :o I have always wanted to play the harmonica for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years I have owned a few cheap ones, you know the starter kits that come with a harmonica and the book of how to play the songs you love. Well, I never stuck to it and frankly always became very frustrated with the lack of instruction.

This desire resurfaced partly because I am active with my church’s youth group and I think that the ability to play the harmonica is a great way to bring joy to people. So of course I went to the internet to see what I could find about playing the harmonica and came across JP Allen’s DVD course, which lead me to this forum. So after a few days of reading through some posts and watching some incredible you-tube videos, I decided to order JP Allen’s Course. I can not wait to receive it and I am also looking forward to learning from everyone on the forum.

Well, I do not want to bore you with anymore about me, but my goal is to one day put up my own you tube video playing a song and I expect the members of the forum to keep me to this goal. I also hope to one day have my daughters join me, they are both exploring music, both vocally and instrumentally. Lastly, I look forward to getting to know the members on this forum as I grow with the harmonica.

Let me be the first to say welcome. Also I would suggest getting a nice harmonica like the special 20 pretty soon. It makes it a lot easier to learn and may make it less likely to get frustrated.

Thanks for the Welcome and the Special 20 is already on its way :slight_smile:

Welcome Boz, and you have started on the right foot with JP’s course and the Special 20’s. Go on a slow but very steady program, play (not practice) every minute of every day your time allows. The only why to get to levels you select is to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY and then some more PLAYING! This little instrument is a real lifes joy.


Howdy Boz! Your last name wouldn’t be Skaggs would it? Sorry, I just had to beat someone else to that corny line.
You’ve met a couple of great brothers already (and also me). Street Player Dude is in your state. You’ll meet him soon.
This forum is a lot of help for me, and a lot of fun just messing around.
Welcome and have fun.


Welcome Boz! Looking forward to getting to know you. This is a great place to ask questions and to see that others are/have had the same difficulties. Remember to have fun! And watch out for “Gas” as one of our Australian brothers would say. ;D

Welcome aboard Boz, I think I started the same way you did with the book and a cheapie harmonica. Then right to JP’s DVD bundle. I finished with that and now I am very challenged with Harmonicaacademy.com.

But it’s all good and I have a Blast. And like Tyson says “GAS” will get you eventually ;D ;D

Harp On!!

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Oh, yeah:

Welcome Aboard, Boz!

Have Fun!


Keep on Harpin’!!

I want to thank everyone for the warm welcomes and who would have thought that SPD is from the Keystone State!!! After reading a lot of your posts and seeing your knowledge…I feel good about old PA!!!

Again, I look forward to learning much and reaching that goal of playing on You Tube!!!

Take Care,
Boz ;D

Ahhh-for a number of years I traveled regularly to Philadelphia. I’d eat at Bookbinders lunch and dinners if I had a chance.

…The lessons begin! I received the JP Allen DVD set on Saturday and the first lesson will begin in 5 minutes.


Cool Beans, Boz!


Have fun!

Keep us posted!

Keep on Harpin’!

Did you throw the harp at the wall yet ;D

Just kidding ;D ;D

Let us know how your progress goes.

Take your time and make it fun.

It really, really is a lot of fun, I remember when I first started to be able
to play simple tunes.

Really cool

Harp On!!

Hi Boz, and welcome.

I am only new to the harmonica as well and having purchased JP’s bundle I am progressing through the DVD’s although I am a little impatient I am working through and learning a few easy tunes on the way. Don’t forget to keep us posted on your progress


Hi Keith,

You should record yourself playing some of the tunes your learning and Post up.

It would definitely help you in the long run.

Harp on!!

G’day Boz. Now that you have started your journey dont be afraid to keep us all posted. Progress at times can be really slow, sometimes fast & sometimes you hit a wall. Frustrations abound but the main thing is to have fun and enjoy ie it’s not serious stuff really!! Forums like this can lift your spirits & keep you on track. We are all rookies ie there is lots even the really good players have still to learn.

Hi Boz,
I started to play for 11 months ago and learned from JP dvd and cd set. I recomend that you keep your harp with you so that you can grap it when you want even if you just play few notes. The lessons are GREAT!! but I do a least 7 minutes of playing my harp every day like JP recomends and it worked very well for me. This summer I played for about 30 people and they liked wery well!!

Happy Harpin

Hi Joe,

A little early to be posting a recording of my playing but I will keep it in mind in the coming weeks. Its OK playing at home but putting it up in the forum is a big step and I just need a little more time (and confidence).


Well when your ready Keith definitely.

I’ll tell you about my first recording and post about maybe 10 or 11 months ago.

My favorite and pretty easy tune it was called Blowing in the Wind,

Found a decent backing track played and recorded it sounded good
to me.

Posted it and everyone was very kind with there comments on it.

Then the next day got an email from one who commented kindly and
he said I played it well BUT!! my music was in the wrong Key.

Yikes!! OH WELL, Good thing he told me because then I learned more
about playing in key.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you will just learn from them.

Good luck

Harp On!! joe

Ya… and don’t say your gonna play one song but play another… Huh, Joe! ;D


                                                Ching, Ching!!