A/S/L Harp Poll Is Here!


Okay, with over 1200 members and growing –

Not to mention all the Guests too –

Time now to see the demographics of our readership here!

Please read through the entire Poll – In 3 Sections.

For space consideration, sections of the globe have been grouped together. Please choose the one relating/and or closest to you!

You can Vote up to 3 times – One per section. Results will be shown AFTER you vote!

And we’ll leave it up for Infinity or the Mayan Calendar expiration or the Apocalypse, whichever comes first!


Thanks for reading!

Thanks for participating!

Keep on Harpin’!

Great idea! I’m 21 and from Norway, and I’m of the masculine gender (no, not a dike).

Yo Whiskat (formerly known as God)

Does everything seem to work?

Is it legible?

Anything else needed before it hardens and sets in stone?!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Maybe add one with occupation as well?


Service & Sale

And probably a few others I didn’t think of

Hey with this forum growing globally I was thinking with different timezones all over the world
that you could wake up in the middle of the night with the click on the forum and find
someone there to talk harp with. Pretty cool ;D

Shout Out to Whiskat (formerly known as God)

I got the idea last night when I was checking some old former haunts…

Remember the old A/S/L hits from the early chatrooms? ::slight_smile:

I don’t know if they still do it today because I don’t go to those ‘bars’ and ‘lounges’ anymore - But figured why not do it here anyways?!

There will always be time to add newer type polls down the road, WfkG. :wink:

But thanks for voting too!

Shout Out To Big Buddy JF!

Now you know why I get very little sleep anymore! Am in and out of here all hours, yo! :o

But then when I do take a break, nice to get up and read the ‘forum newspaper’ with my mug of coffee, smokes, harps and stuff next to me! <<<which reminds me, gawd, i really do need to clean my house today!>>> 8)


Keep on Harpin’!

Come everybody we need some more posts. Currently I am my own demographic for age.

Who else is from Canada? ;D

Nice poll, Street!

I guess I’m the only person from India over here. But how come there are no women here? That’s depressing! :frowning:

oh methinks they’re there Ashish…

methinks they just don’t want to break any of their nails clicking on their mouses er mices er you get the idea… :-*

Hey Ashish! I’m half Indian (actually we’re Native American or Original People, but Chris thought he was in your neighborhood when he got here in '92, so now we’re Indians). Anyway…Hahepi Waste!
You ought to understand that since it’s from an “Indian” language (Lhakota).
Wish we had more Indians like you Ashish.

Well if you’re talking Indian - Native American Indian now…

Well I am White Man Initiated Into The Tribe - Mexican Indian!

My given name is: “Ptsing Tolla Tatonka” - Meaning “Great Protector Buffalo who watches over and guards the herd.” 8)

I haven’t said nor mentioned that name in a over a decade…

Who knew Wakan Tanka would’ve led and brought us here, eh? :wink:

Yah Teh Hay!

SPD Out!

Howdy SPD,

My Mother’s people are from a little farther north, like Montana and Dakota (both). I used to make Native flutes, but harmonicas are easier to carry LOL. I live in the very sunny South.

I’ve always liked trucking on up through that neck of the woods there. Save perhaps a blizzard or two… :-\

But that’s what having your “house” on 18-wheels is good for! :wink:

Oh and you’ll probably run into a few Native Indian flute players here too, if they don’t find you first! :slight_smile:

Laters, Bro!! 8)

oh ps: how far south is your very sunny south anyways?!

Hehe…actually, I don’t understand what that means. :slight_smile: You see, I’m an Indian Indian…not an American Indian. The only Indian language I know is Hindi. ;D

So, what does “Hahepi Waste” mean? I looked up Hahepi, and I think it means “night”?


Glad to see i’m not the only 1-20 here! :slight_smile:

Hi Ashish,
Sorry, but that’s just a little twisted American humor. It means “welcome” or just a general warm greeting among friends. We have this evil thing in the US called “the inside joke,” and it usually isn’t all that funny. LOL! BTW, I hate all these lol’s and btw’s, and I’m ashamed to be using them. ROFL (at myself). Hey I like that video you uploaded. I will see if I can upload an audio file of a local South Carolina (that answers your question SPD) harpman doing “Fox Chase.” He doesn’t play long, but the story set up he gives is priceless.
Anyway, if you’re our only Indian, we’ll have to take good care of you. It’s nice to have friends like you. Did I just do Fred Rogers?

Did I just do Fred Rogers?

Yeah, BB - I definitely see the resemblance! :smiley:

Not that you’ve met Your Maker - Still got a long, long way to go before that happens. :slight_smile:

Just that you’re doing your part in carrying on the man’s legacy! :wink:

Peace & SPD Out!

im a 110 and a spaceman from mars where do i fit in

same place as me, I guess ;D ;D

Wow, Fred Rogers, a class act :wink: