A Second Hello from Brazil

Hi everyone,

As California, I am also from Brazil. And really like to be part of this Harmonica Community.


Massa hein :DD

where are you from ??
I´m from Barra Bonita, SP

I am a ex-Californian expat living down here in Indaiatuba Brazil. The harp seems to be a stable of the county gender down here, along with some great soulfull blues groups! Its nice to have Brazilians on this foram. you people rock!! that samba blood is ripe for blowing on the harp!

Oi to all the Brazilian friends out there!

Am hoping you’ll all stick around so I can learn something from each and every one of you!!

Obrigado! :slight_smile:

Hey Jrf!

I’d love to hang in Brazil… the country of DANCERS!


What, JP?!

You don’t have Hulu Dancers where you’re at?! :o

Just what part of the islands you living on anyways?! ::slight_smile:

is more used to playing country … the country in Brazil is different from American country … the country from here is called Sertanejo.
The Sertanejo in Brazil is like the blues in the U.S., much expression, feeling. But this Sertanejo died. Today Sertanejo is VERY COMMERCIAL … no more feeling or expression … only commercial and business … BIG money, big productions, but without feeling, passion, or any other factor that makes something good and be expressive …

Sure is good because it is very very very well produced … but the music is recyclable.

It makes me very sad, 'cause after the Bossa Nova and Samba, Sertanejo is another musical style characteristic of Brazil … and he died, still called Sertanejo but lost all influence, expression, characteristics, etc.

If someone wants to hear the REAL Sertanejo … I will leave here the name of the pair who created the Brazilian Sertanejo … they were born in the town where I live today … BARRA BONITA, São Paulo.

The duo is “Belmonte e Amarai”
and the music and most important of these is the Brazilian Sertanejo “Saudade da Minha Terra”
Hope You Like !!

See Yaa !!