A thought

Harpito ergo sum.

Whats that Mikepipe ? is it Spanish? ???

It’s a play on Descartes quote “Cognito ergo sum”. Which means “I think, thus I am”.

Harpito ergo sum I would assume means “I harp, thus I am”.

Edit: And it’s in latin.

Wiskrat is correct. This is the stuff I think about when I bored at work.

Harpito ergo sum!

Well whatever else you think about when you’re bored at work, MP - ::slight_smile:

At least one good thought came out of it! hehehehehe! :o

I actually like that phrase; I’m impressed at your creativity. :wink:

And think it would be great for you as a ‘signature.’

If you’d like to do this: Go into your “Profile” page;

Click on “Forum Profile Information.”

Scroll down until you see “Signature.” Type in: Harpito Ergo Sum! 8)

Scroll down some more to “Change Profile.” And viola! it’s in there!!

Way cool, dude! :wink:

Peace & SPD Out!

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Welcome New Guy! 8)

it's in latin

Gee, yo, didn’t know you was bilingual there either… :o

Speaking both a live and dead language at that! :wink:

Way too cool! :smiley:

I also have some Klingon Q’pla!

Rene Descarte goes to the pub. He finishes his beer and the barkeep says,‘Would you like another?’ Rene replies,‘No,I think not.’ and disappears.

Similar to the philosopher student’s quip:

Descarte goes to Dunkin Donuts; asks for a cup of coffee.

Clerk says: ‘You want a donut with that?’

Descarte replies: “I think not.” Therfore, he wasn’t!

Got to really know “Cognito ergo sum” on that one! hehehehe!!

Wiskrat (new guy) - Care to chime in?! mwuahahaha!!

Laters, yo!

I guess he wasn’t a doughnutist! hahahaha!



Harpito ergo sum.

Harp on!!

Obscure and perhaps poor pun. In the early history of Christianity there was a problem called Donatism.
The concern was from people who had received the sacraments or other such things from a priest who was shown to be corrupt. Did the rites still have merit? The decision of the church was that the power was in the sacrament and the office. A bad priest could still give the blessings and such.

@ Joe


Dude, keep telling you, you have to stop just reading your own posts! :o


Whiskat explained it beautifully up in Reply #2 of this thread! ::slight_smile:

@ Mikepipe

Very cool. Now I understand more; even though Descartes could’ve been anywhere besides the Dunkin Donuts for the joke to work; but that’s how I originally heard it from a philosophy college student years ago!

And I’m still waiting for you to use ‘Harpito Ergo Sum’ as your ‘signature’ phrase, MP!

Just so guys like Joe and others will be scratching their heads saying: “WTF does that mean?!”


But guys like Whiskat and others, we’ll know what it means, eh?!


Keep On Harpin’!

I was once told that if you can say something perfectly well in English its better to toss in the Latin phrase. Makes one sound educated.

Well now you’re just bragging, MP! :o

Mwuahahaha!!! ;D

Like the look of your new sig. :slight_smile:

Well the first half anyways:

Harpito ergo sum. 8)

Of the second half though:

A moment of carelessness,a lifetime of regret.
A lifetime of carelessness,a moment of regret.

Almost brings me to :’(

Well I tried to attach a signature. Did it work?

Yeppers! It worked!

(I also merged this question onto this thread - It worked too!)


Keep On Harpin’!

Dude, keep telling you, you have to stop just reading your own posts!

??? ??? ???UMMMM OKI DOKI!! ;D ;D ;D


seriously nice signature, pretty cool ;D ;D

It’s Friday, Joseph! ;D


We made it through another week, no worse for the wear, eh, big buddy?! :smiley:



Keep On Harpin’!