A thought

I don’t speak latin, but I had a thing for Descartes in High School, so I remembered the quote.

The idea behind it (If I remember correct) is that you can pretty much doubt everything, but you can not doubt the fact that you think, because doubting is thinking, and since thinking presumes a conscious mind that means you exsist.

Summed up it’s just a bunch of gibberish, putting fancy explanations to the obvious. Philosophy at it’s best.

What is,is.
What isn’t,isn’t.
That’s philosophy.

There’s more. D’s idea in the erg sum… Was the question ‘What can we know for certain?’ He postulated the idea that there might be an evil genii causing him to only imagine he was typing at his computer and drinking tea. However the one thing he could be certain of,he postulates,is that he his thinking and therefore exists. This idea,of the reality of one’s experience has been picked up in the Matrix movie and the holodeck of STNG. So…are you really reading this missive or is there an evil genii?