A Very Informal, NonScientific Survey, for No Real Reason Other Than I'm Curious

Basically, I want to know how many people actually get on here. I mean we have over 10,000 members, but I only see like 50 different people that post regularly. So, if you get on regularly, please just post that you do. It’s that simple.

Well J~J:

Considering that those 10,000+ members on the roster pages turned out to be nothing more than spam/fake/dead accounts…Remember this not to far in the past forum fiasco:


Well, prior to and now long afterwards - Our fine forum members are real; and be they 15, 25, 50 or more who post/converse on a regular basis versus those who just stop by for a visit to check in to see what’s what – Well that’s just forum life as it actually is. And I’m happy for each and every one of them!


Keep On Harpin’!

I’m real, and I check daily, usually.

I’m real too. Been on vaca down in Florida for a week . Will back on Connecticut Thursday .I need a rest from vacation. Especially from odisneyworld

Just came back from a 2 week mission trip to Cambodia…

But I am still alive! And posting!


I’m here!!!

Where is everybody!!!

We need more posts…any takers

It gets this way sometimes! Life takes over and everyone is busy or you pull away for a bit to work on lessons.

Well, I got an OLD harp that somebody gave me…pretty much unplayable…and I got NO CLUE what it is. I am going to post pictures…

Eventually! Probably when the camera and harp are in the same place at the same time…lol


I wonder what happened to the chat room that was almost started!

I get on here almost daily, click show unread posts since last visit, and 50% of the time there are none and 90% of the time there aren’t any that catch my attention. It has slowed down a lot since the start, but I think that is to be expected. I mean the more you say the less you have left to say, right? We’ll except maybe SPUD ;D

SPUD. ;D Where did that come from anyway? Who started that? Or was it just one of those things that no-one really started?

Street player Dude SPD=SPUD.

Just droppin’ by.

SPUD. Where did that come from anyway? Who started that? Or was it just one of those things that no-one really started?

Street Player Dude SPD=SPUD.

G-Man is correct.

In the beginning was the word. And the word was Joseph.

Well that’s what the handle gods here gave me as they set up my account when this forum was created.

I had already begun using my own handle in other forums and places I was signing up for – So once I discovered I could change my nom de plume here via the profile pages, miracle of miracles, darkness gave way to light, the seas parted and Joseph now became and was/is known forever more as “Street Player Dude!”

Along with this, there was/is the long forum tradition of addressing members by their sign on handles. Having an A-ha Eureka moment of creativity, I began playing around with handles. Gregmatic became G-Man; Joe Feeney became JF; PaulBunyn became PB; and so on.

By the same token, seeing as how Street Player Dude was a long name to type in, G-Man, JF, PB, and others began using the much shortened SPD. JP himself even mistakenly called me “STD” in one post! Hilarious!

But from the fertilized minds of our members, and the good natured camaraderie we all share here – from G-Man, JF and PB: out of SPD was borne and gave rise to their humorous twisted SPUD!

It’s all good!

And that my dear J~J is the tale and legend of how simple Joseph became Street Player Dude aka SPD = Spud!

Aren’t you glad you asked?! Mwuahahaha!





We are headed toward TATER SALAD (Ron White, Comedian)


Human DNA is only 1 chromosome different than that of a yam. (It’s no SPUD, but it’s close enough ;D)

Which obviously no doubt gave rise to: “I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam!”

Which then begs the question: So how dose spinach fit into all of this, Popeye!


Is anyone curious as to what is the result of this survey, besides me?

Well PB – Some answers to questions may never be known (see: how were the pyramids etc made?)

Some mysteries might remain so during our lifetimes (see: are ufos and bigfoots real?)

And since curiosity presumedly killed the cat, I’m supposing it’s all good, it’s all okay (see: lil ole me hehehe!)

But therein again, what the hell do I know anyways?!