about time i introduce myself

My names Chris
I was born and rased in the USA but moved to the UK in my late 20’s
I’ve been playig with harmonica for about 10 years but never took it serious; it was just something i kept in my pocket that I would get out if i was waiting for somebody.
Most of the songs I know are old church hymns that i put a folk spin on.
I only started learning rock and blues when I started playing harp in a band
I also play guitar, drums, bass, piano, citten, and mandolin but I dont play any of them vey well.
I build guitars, amps, and pickups for a living
that is me in a nutshell

Yeah, and check out his web site. If you need a real pick-me-up for your guitar, that’s where you can find it. Sometimes my guitars’ get up and go just gets up and is gone.
Maybe I need better pickups.