ac/dc tube amp test
amp test

I liked it! What kinda Amp is it? Was it hooked AC or DC?

its a philco radio, 4 tubes 15 watts. much lighter than the hog 20.
but theres still bugs, it doesnt really pick up radio stations when i turn the mic on. the mic is a shure unidyne with a wooden block on it like john mayall. this was tested on ac but its really dangerous so im gonna just use dc. i have to make a battery bank of 10 9 volts. those will last a long time the 90 volts just get the tubes hot. then theres a second battery box that will need 4 C cells these will actually power the radio and suck the most juice. it may be worth it to get rechargeables for this.

theres no built in preamp, so crystal and ceramic mics wont work. im gonna make one with a dell computer speaker and it run it through a tin can spring reverb tank. the biggest problem is i have to have all the paper capacitors replaced with modern ones. i hope to have a friend help me with that. its not too big a headache, i like it much better than the hog 20. much lighter on my back. this would easily work miked on stage. theres a hole in the speaker im thinking of hot gluing a lamp pull chain there for extra distortion. oh btw the speaker is about 5 inches. i had the recording mic about 18" away from it its pretty loud.

ok just tested it with batteries 90 and 6 volts WORKS! no hum line noise completely gone :slight_smile: