Acoustic megaphone for MB Deluxe, Crossover and Thunderbird: great for social distanced jamming

Back in the eighties, at one point I found myself busking

on Granville Island, a busy tourist attraction/market in

Vancouver. Although my singing, guitar playing partner

had no problem being heard, my harmonica faded into

the background noise. When performing at a ‘busker fest’

in the 90’s, I made a megaphone from coat hangers and

cardboard. Although it did attract some attention, it did

nothing at all, sound-wise. Since then, I’ve always had

a yearning to come up with a workable solution in the

back of my mind. When the covid lockdown started, I

decided I’d use my now abundant spare time to learn

3D modeling and drafting. A while before, my son

had bought a 3D printer, and I thought I could finally

come up with a useful device. After much prototyping,

I came up with a small but effective megaphone into

which a harmonica slides (for diatonics, lately I’ve been

playing Marine Band Crossover, Deluxe and Thunderbird,

so that is what it fits). I call it the HarProjector, as it

projects your harp’s sound out front, instead of letting

it dissipate around you.

I tested it with a mic on a Vu

meter, and in public situations. I was once asked to "turn

my speaker down." So it does seem to work. There is

a Youtube video of it in action (although the audio

compression youtube uses mostly ruins the demo by

making everything about the same volume):

If you are interested in trying one out, I’m selling them

Thanks for your support!
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