Advanced Harp Tunes

So I’ve been playing for maybe three months, and I’ve seen some of the crazy awesome stuff that some players can do. Thing is, I’m not stuck as far as technique goes. I can do everything pretty easily in my opinion. My question is this… Where can I learn how to play like the greats? I want to learn how to do all of the incredible things like playing the rhythms on the lower side and melody on the upper side… The advanced stuff like that where I can play the chugging patterns and play a melody alongside them. Seeing as I’m fifteen, I obviously can’t afford JP’s set until I’m older. Where might I find some free online instruction until I can get JP’s dvd’s? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Harp on!

For starters, if you want it. Anything and everyone that you hear playing a harmonica tune, Learn that tune. Emulate it to the point that you start understanding how all the tecniques work together. At 15, don’t rush it. Most everyone that you hear playing, that are great, have been playing 20, 30, 40, 50 years! It will not happen over night. So just have fun, and one day, since you are starting young, you maybe one of the great one’s that go down in history. Others like myself, probably started to late to be great, but it’s really not about greatness anyways. It’s the relationships that are created that really matter and besides, it’s alot of FUN! ;D
But, since you want to play like the greats, listen and study their style, their tecniques and be willing to put forth the committment. If you desire to be great in anything, then be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to make it happen.
Never give up and don’t let ANYONE tell you, you can’t do it! Period!
You will find your style in the process.

Compare it to learning to ski. You can’t just put on some skis and qualify for the Olympics. A step at a time you learn to balance, then shifting, then steer,then maybe jump a few small hills, and then maybe pick up some speed.
When you learn the basic tunes ie, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Oh When The Saints Go Marching In, etc. you are learning where the notes are and building the muscles needed to advance in your playing. When you start bending you will feel muscles get sore/tense that you never realized you had and it is necessary to strengthen and control them for the advanced techniques you are talking about.
Each key of harmonica has 12 different positions or scales that can be played and have to be learned till it is second nature to play like what you are describing.
Do yourself a favor and build a good foundation to build on.
Use some computer programs to slow down the music so you can hear what is played and try to copy it. Not if but when you get stuck or frustrated let it go and move to something else and come back to it later.
Hoe to see you on a marquee in the future!