Advanced Techniques

So now I’ve got the basic riffs, techniques, and such down. What are some more advanced techniques to play like the pros?
Much thanks, much love, and keep harpin’!

[center]Trevor can you tongue block that’s something I wish I could do well and am always
practicing. That’s one thing, and also playing octaves 1 4 blocking 2 and 3 with
your tongue.

So much build yourself a repertoire of tunes you can play pick up your speed and
accuracy. Bending always work on that for better tone blowbends. I try overblowing sometimes
to just see if I can get the note. Once in a while I can.

Check this members youtube, he’s only been playing a few years and there’s a lot of
advanced techniques he uses here, tongue block, tongue slaps, good accurate lip pursing,

Excellent playing.
“Walter’s Shuffle”

Harp On!![/center]

I just finished Jon Gindick’s 1 day seminar/fundraiser. I picked up the idea to put the Blues or any other scale on flashcards, shuffle them, then lay them out and play them in the order they fall. It teaches you to move around the harp and you stumble on new riffs.

Great Idea PB! Never thought of that endless amount of riffs you could play.

Harp On!!

I got that hint from Brian Purdy of, great guy and an awesum teacher!

That seriously is a nice idea! I am so going to try that!


This is an old topic, but I felt like I should respond.

First of all, thank you Joe for sharing my video! I’m glad to know that you liked it. That video is quite old…but you have reminded me to update!

Regarding advanced techniques, I think the best way to learn new techniques is to learn in the context of a song. Learning techniques just for the sake of learning them never motivates me. For example, if I can’t play a song because I need an overbent note, I will practice day and night to learn overbending. It doesn’t work the other way for me.

Find songs that you REALLY want to play.

DeFord Bailey is one player who has always inspired me a lot. I’ve learned many techniques by trying to play like him. Deford Bailey was a pure genius:
DeFord Bailey - John Henry
De Ford Bailey - Pan American Blues (1928)