Aerosmith harp tabs

Hey everyone, i’ve been searching for Aerosmith harp tabs, specialy the ones that appear in “honkin’ on bobo” album. If anybody can help me with this it would be really cool.

Check out They have over 11,000 songs!

Howdy Blake! also has some Aerosmith songs as well. Plus, you can play their songs in different keys, etc. Check it out here:

Good luck! Have fun!

See ya!!

Thanks a lot, but i’m looking for the ones that appear in Honkin’ on bobo :-\

Well using harp player’s suggestion, sign up/register at harp[b], and put in a request at their forum/site as well.

Be patient and somebody somewhere will help you, I’m sure!

Keep us posted here too!

Good Luck!

I`ll do that, thanks!