Aerosmith Pink Intro

Does anyone know the key of the harmonica used for the Aerosmith Pink intro. Lots of people say that it is a C because in the video you can see the key of C sticker on the harmonica. Realizing he could have picked up any harp to film the music video I don’t want to assume this to be correct, especially since when I hear people play it on a C harp it doesn’t sound right to me. I think from what I have read the song is in the key of G, and I think a G harmonica sounds more like what he is playing, but I’m to inexperienced to say for sure. Can anyone help out with this?

I’m no expert on keys of music or postions but is it possible that he is playing his “C” harp in
the key of “G” ::slight_smile:

Aerosmith - Pink live on letterman

Harp ON!!