Hi, I’m Sarah
Is 64 too old for someone to start to play the harmonica? I love the music;my dad used to play “Kneel at the Cross” when I was a little girl and we would sing to it and have such a good time. He passed away at 52 so I guess that harmonica playing went deeper than I realized until the last few months. I ran across J.P’s lessons, the freebies, and fell in love with the harmonica; even splurged for the Special 20. If there are any pointers for playing smoothly or anything you can advise me as a newbie, please let me know. Sarah

Hi Sarah

I think you will find that some of these enthusiasts are much older than you might imagine. Some ole pros on this forum, but for the most part we are all learning to play. Most everyone here is from the over the hill gang (50+). If you like playing and learning the harmonica, you are never too old. Just have fun with it and enjoy.

Welcome to the forum


Hey Sarah, I just started playing the harmonica a little over one year ago and I’m 72. Remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life and enjoy every moment.


Hi Sarah,

Defintely not too old! Definitely not! As far as playing smoothly if your a beginner I think one of your first challenges may be to blow clean single notes.

Keep practicing till you can get that challenge done. Start off right in the middle of the harmonica 4B 4D 5B 5D 6B 6D 7D 7B careful with the 7D and 7B I highlighted because the pattern switches… Once you can do that, the amount of tunes that you will be able to play will be incredible and a lot of fun.

I would say work on that first JP’s got a bunch of free youtube videos on how to so take advantage of them. Here is a start.

Harp on!!

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Either way, welcome aboard and hope you learn a lot from all the good folks here while just having fun too!

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Welcome Sarah, I started playing at fifty 8). Had picked up harmonicas from time to time and could never figure out how to get a musical sounding note until one night I was laying in bed just goofing off and next thing I knew I was playing a song. Two years later, I still don’t play much in the way of riff’s and such but with JP’s free video’s been able to get cleaner notes. I have about 75 songs and ditty’s in my repertoire now and the family doesn’t’ run me off when I break out my harp, so I must be doing better.

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Hello Sarah I am 63 and started playing eight months ago and Sarah the
answer is YES ! you can learn to play the harp it takes time and practice
and a little determination an patience playing clear single notes is an important
part of the process .Sarah I thought I was never going to be able to play them
but I kept going and making lots of mistakes and one night I was sat in my lounge
and BINGO! out popped this beautifull single note and then another and I was
away and once it comes you will never loose it and you get a great buzz when your
first single note is born. Just believe in your ability and banish all self doubt its
never to late to learn something new and perfect it, every day is priceless and
and worthy of making the most of…the very best of luck to you Sarah


STealing this quote from Harp Player Dude:

Comedienne Phyllis Diller didn’t start playing piano until she was in her 50s! A few years later, she was doing full orchestra concerts at Carnegie Hall!

Anna Mary Robertson Moses – better known to all as “Grandma Moses” – was in her 70s when she began painting. Living past 100, well, we all know or at least have heard about how successful she became!

And probably the most well-known and famous of the lot: Harlan David Sanders! The “Colonel Sanders” of Kentucky Fried Chicken! Who didn’t hit the big time until after he was supposed to be collecting his first social security checks!

You said this:

Hi, I'm Sarah Is 64 too old for someone to start to play the harmonica?

What do you think now Sarah, I think not!! Just take baby steps and just try and improve your play a little bitty bit every day and pretty soon you’ll be playing tunes like nothing at all and having so much fun, I am…

Harp on!!

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Hopefully others will read these posts too, because they really are inspiring nonetheless! :wink:

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I’m 70 next month. Although I started playing in my teens I gave away playing for over 50 years only coming back seriously in the past 3 years.

Age is no barrier to learning and some of the best tunes were the ones we grew up on & some are easy to play.

Sarah, I’m a 63 year old “rebeginner”–haven’t played since my dad and I played when I was growing up. Relax, and have fun!

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