Alex Paclin in Youtube Contest. Vote for me!

Hello everybody! My name is Alex Paclin, I’m a harmonica player from Russia! Right now I’m participating in Youtube Symphony Contest, and I need YOUR help! It’s easy - just give a vote for me right here -
I hope you like my little performance and…
Thank you!!! :wink:

You got my vote, You also play my favorite harp, Golden Melody.

Sounded great how long have you been playing.

Great job Alex.

harp On!!

—and mine.

Me too!!!


Thank you all! BTW it’s possible to vote everyday! I’m playing Golden Melody, but I’m a Seydel endorser) Have been playing since 2007.

Hi Alex you have got my vote!

Look out Howard Levy, young Alex is really good.

Great playing! you got my vote

Harp on!

Help…I am unable to find the video, maybe because I am using my iPad. I hit the link an get all the promo stuff, can someone help me?


Boz see if this works

Harp on!!

Hey Alex,

That was some of the most amazing harmonica playing I’ve seen!! Definitely up there with Buddy Greene…you’ve got my vote…just don’t know how to place it…where is the vote button?

Your harmonica buddy,


The voting is over! Thank you everybody!

Well, what was the results? The suspense is killing us!


I voted too, Barry-meister!

However, according to the site, results will be known/posted in January 2011.

Hope your suspense won’t be your demise up until then nor afterward either!

Live On, Yo!

Keep On Harpin’!

I’ll probably not get any sleep until then, but that’s not a problem because I come from the land of Rip Van Winkle (upstate New York). So, after the winner is announced I’ll sleep for a couple of years, that’s all!


Just make sure you’re wide awake when your Harrison USA arrives, Mr. B! :o

Gotta fill all of us in who are just dying to hear that now, don’tcha know?! :smiley: