Am I the only one surprised to find this out

Apparently Huey Lewis is a pretty bad ass harmonica player. I had no idea but it looks like something he did a lot in concert. I guess if you’re Huey Lewis and it’s your concert and you want to play a 6 minute harmonica intro to a song you do. Here it is.
Huey Lewis harmonica solo

This one might be even better:
Huey Lewis plays the harmonica like a madman (live) 1984

I believe I detect some Little Walter around the 2:30 mark.

Didn’t know whether you know this guy, who isn’t too bad either. Hint: Look for the guy in black suit, black hat and black shades! 8)
Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago

Here’s a longer look starting at about 4:00…
Blues Brothers - At Dallas House of Blues - Sweet Home Chicago, Hard to Handle

Not to mention his free podcast website:


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