Amazing Grace, 2nd attempt with chords

Hi all, uploaded a video of me playing Amazing Grace using a few double stops and chords where I felt like to make it a little bluesier. Let me know what you guys think and I’d be really grateful =D. It’s played on a Hohner Golden Melody in the key of A.
Cheers, Lawrence in England

Amazing Grace Harmonica

It’s a good song to have fun with…

Play it slowly at first…

Then pick up the pace and groove out on it…

Then go back to slow…

And you’ll be playing New Orleans style before you know it!


“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

TBarryhe Dude is correct, very the tempo a little and the volume. Also to add Blues to a Blues song give it some hand vibroto (cupping) and wow/wow effect. You have a good feel for the Blues expression.


Hi Barrat,

Wow got the bends working great for you excellent job there.

Keep at it and work on what SPD and Barry said.

Smokin them bends not east to do is it.

Harp On!!

I thought you did a fine job. Keep it up.

Thanks Charles and everyone for commenting, I’m gonna make a faster, bluesier, rock one amplified tomorrow, if you guys could keep an eye out for that on this forum I’d appreciate it!

great feel I felt it!

Barret got that amped one done yet. Can’t wait to here you play.

Harp On!!