amazing grace cross harp

I found the tabs for amazing grace but I can’t find them for the cross harp I hope Im asking the right question I found the tabs for the high notes but not the draw note for the blues sound. Forgive me but Im very new to this so please bear with me

Howdy (W)illtri!

I posted that tune here:!/

Doing homework, you’ll find most tabs aren’t posted in Cross Harp –

You’ll either:

A) Have to learn transposing, or find a program/someone to help you.

B) Search out Gindick, McKelvy and Marcos for their books w/cross harp songs.

C) Or all of the above.

Hope this helps!

Rock on, yo!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

I actually found it at

After playing it a while, it does start to sound good, when you really emphasize the draws…much fun.


Ya its a cool sounding tune the more you play it the better you get it to sound

especially if your bending notes well … like you know who…
Amazing Grace - Take 2

Harp on!!

Here is a link to the version I have been playing, it is cross harp.

That is pretty cool gregmatic no bends… You could do that and maybe mix some bends with it and
really make it sound cool.

I wasn’t gonna post this but it kind of fits I went a little over the edge with the effects.

Way too much delay!

but just did it for fun…

Here’s my you tube of it up and down the harp…
mystical amazing grace.wmv

Harp On!!

Harp On

Ya that’s what I want to learn where can I find the tabs for that stlye of amazing grace 8)

Here is a recording in case it helps anyone. Once you hear the “background vocals” you’ll see why I don’t record much. There also seems to be a brief second where the recording skipped a section. I’ll try to post a cleaner one later.

This is played on a key of C Hohner special 20.

Gregmatic, that sounded great! Just a home full of love, what back ground were you talking about?
Post some more, you’ve got some good tone. ;D

Thanks for the kind words. They are very good boys, but even when boys are good they are never quiet. My wife only has a sister, so she wasn’t really ready for the enthusiasm :wink: that little boys have. She laughed as she listened to my recording and heard them start to blend in. They are lots of fun. Being around music is rubbing off on them. My 5 year old can play a decent piano man on his Clearly Colorful Hohner.

I’m going to put up a better one of this later on the C harp, and maybe one with my Suzuki Bluesmaster Key of D. I think it sounds better on the D harp, but I’m sure opinions will vary. I may even change my mind because I have not listened to a recording of it on the D harp.

Wow really really good Gregmatic like Tyson says you do have great tone.

Nicely done.

harp On!!!