Amazing Grace on a C harp

Hi all, I’m looking into recording software but am gonna be without a laptop so had to put this up today. It’s not perfect but I wonder what you think of the bends? I tried not to overdo it with the hand vibrato either. I’d appreciate all feedback on this one as I’m not sure. PS my webcam is dodgy and the moving image might stop before the sound! Thanks!
Lawrence in England ;D
Amazing Grace Harmonica

Very well done, Sir Lawrence of England!

I like to play that song myself. I start out slowly as you did, eventually picking up the rhythm and beat, then just go off on everything to wherever it takes me.

Toss and mix in some “Oh When The Saints Go Marching In” back to and ending with Amazing Grace and you have yourself a nice little performance.


Keep On Harpin’

Nicely played barret what did you use key of C

Harp On!!

Nicely played.