An 8-bar riff on a diatonic harp

This is my first posting of a riff on this forum. I hope that you find it enjoyable and perhaps useful as well. It is a sort of “happy-go-lucky” blues riff that could be played over the first 8 bars of a standard 12-bar blues. You can listen to it by clicking this link.

I know that riffs are usually somewhat shorter segments, but I don’t know what would be a better designation for it. :thinking: :grin:

Enjoy it and I wish you all Happy Harping!

Since this “riff” is supposed to be for relative beginners, I guess I should have given the tab for it and said that it was played on a Bb diatonic harp! :blush: So better late than never!!

Note that I’m using typical symbols in the tab, namely -3 means to draw on the 3rd hole, -3’ means to do a half-step bend when drawing on the 3rd hole, and +3 means to blow the 3rd hole. So here is the tab:

-3 -2 -1 +2 -2 -3 -2 +2 -1

-3 -2 -1 +2 -2 -3 -2 +2 -2

-4 +5 -4 +6

-4 +5 -4 -3'

-3 -2 -1 +2 -2 -3 -2 +2 -2

Sounds real good. Thanks for posting the riff and the tabs. I’m am on the first few lessons of bending from JP’s Happy Harping (lesson 54 or so) and enjoying greatly. Keep up the posts.

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Hey, thank you very much and welcome to the forum, Minnesota_Harmonica!! I’m thinking about some additional things to post that are not too difficult for relative beginners – and to which they can apply the elements that they learn from Happy Harping. Keep checking back here to find them, but I must admit that I am somewhat pressed for time by my work and preparations for a gig, so it might not be real soon that I can get something new out. :sweat: :smile:

Gruß (greetings)
– Slim