An old beginner's looking for tabs.

Hi ladies and gentlemen,
Yes, I know : learning first and looking later for tabs ! ;D
two very young ladies would like grand-father to play " Over the rainbow ", but grand’pa
isn’t able to do that without tabs. and if it’s not too difficult to play for a beginner. :’(
So, I decided to ask your advice and, if possible the tabs for my diatonic [size=10pt]C[/size] harmonica.
It seems that here’s the right place to ask for it. :slight_smile:
If somebody would be so kind …
Thanks a lot in advance.
PS: Sorry for my strange English ! :-[ look under lessons, songs to learn.
These are off the top of my head.
use search engine! search : “somewhere over the rainbow harp tabs”
A good beginner song I think.
Good luck!

Hi Paulbunyn !

Thanks for your help. I’ll immediately < google > :slight_smile:
Still have a good time.

Oldy, If you’re still looking try JP’s personalised Google search.
You just type in the song name or artiste you are looking for & Bob’s your uncle.