An old newbie

I’ll throw my ‘bonafides’ in here.
I’m an early 50’s on again/off again player who over the years has played predominantly bass & guitar but I’ve tinkered on everything from mandolin to ukelele to 5-string banjo to Oud. I 1st got the harmonica bug after seeing bands like The Nighthawks and the Fabulous Thunderbirds when they were still on the club circuit.

I decided to get more serious about a year ago when the band I was playing bass in broke up rather abruptly. (Guitar players can be so temperamental!)

Anyway, I drive an hour or more each way to work every day and Atlanta has a GREAT local independent radio station (WWW.WRFG.ORG - They also stream live on the internet) that plays blues in the 6-10 morning drive time slot so I get an hour of practice every morning.

You’re not old - I’m 52 and I refuse to allow myself to be “old” LOL I’m a newb myself. You’ll learn lots here