An oldie but a good tune

For those who may not have heard it -Ghost Riders In The Sky:-

I recorded it a while ago, sorry its cut short.I posted it elsewhere & it had a few hits -enjoy.

I heard that before and I like it. Was that a hard one to learn Dave seems to move pretty

Harp On!!

Whoa! That does bring back memories. Good job!

Thanks guys. Joe it is really easy to play. I don’t have any tabs to share as I learnt it by ear.

I absolutely love this song!

I only include the tabs here because the words are with it:

Great job, Dave!!

I note each morning that my MP3 rendition of Ghost Riders in The Sky is getting lots of hits/downloads ie someone must like it:-

Here is a version I uploaded to Youtube some time ago. The sync could be better.

OK how does one post a youtube to this forum?

[center]OK Dave got your back,

All you do is open a new window and bring up your youtube video you want to play,

then copy the address and paste it in the forum. That’s it real easy.

Harp On!![/center]

Dave, do you take requests, I like to hear that played on your dusted off ‘A’ Tremolo Suzuki 2 Timer.

That would sound pretty cool I think.

Video would be nice just so I see how you hold that thang.

Harp On!!

Thanks Joe, but I still don’t understand the posting of videos here? Normally in forums I just post the embed code ie copy and paste as part of message and when it’s posted the embed text disappears and the video is in its place. Is it something to do with the buttons above the message?

With ‘Ghost Riders in The Sky’ I did try to fit it onto a Tremolo but so far no success ie didn’t sound good. I don’t know if I mentioned that the harp I used is a Lee Oskar Melody Maker in key ofG. It is played in 1st pos which on a MM is key of Am ie 3blow. Confusing somewhat but tune fits nicely. Another tune I’m working on which seems to fit the MM is ‘Desperado’ but still have a little way to go in figuring it all out by ear. I like the MM and find it useful for a lot of tunes that I can’t make fit on a standard diatonic. Tunes like ‘Summertime’, ‘Georgia on my mind’ etc are easier to play on the MM. The ‘G’ MM is the one to get ie actually the note layout is very similar to a standard C diatonic but the exceptions are 3 blow is an A and the 5 draw and 9 draw is an F#

[center]Dave all you have to do is open up another tab, go to the youtube you want.

Once it’s there just copy the address thats in the address bar.

Then go to the forum and paste it in the forum thats it.This is one of my favorites that I seen of yours really nice job.

Now it pastes on my end just the address but then when I post it thats when
the player shows with the youtube video. So just copy and paste the address that’s it.


Harp On!![/center]

I just post the embed code ie copy and paste as part of message and when it's posted the embed text disappears and the video is in its place. Is it something to do with the buttons above the message?

When you copy & paste - are you doing it from a new window?

And are you just making the copy directly from the browser bar on top of the window?

Even when I go into somebody’s gobbledy-gook post - I still can’t see exactly what they did. :-\

On longer addresses, underneath the B/I/U/S bar…four blocks over will be a globe.

This is the [url /url] function.

One can click on that – Then paste their browser address directly in the middle of it.

Since JF already managed to find it – Well, it just takes a little “practice.” Hehehe!

And I still like this song!!

Rock on, yo!

This song gives some good memories back to the blues brothers!!! Maybe I should watch that film again soon…? :stuck_out_tongue:

the blues brothers!!!

At first I thought there was some error about The Bluuuuees Brothers!?!

I know Jake & Elwood didn’t do that song in the movie by the same name:

Rawhide Blues Brothers

However, when I found the above, I found this too:

The Blues Brothers - Ghost riders in the sky

Since I only saw the Classic, well, mebbe I should watch the sequel once, eh?!

And this song is so good, had to put up a few more cool versions of it.

Rock on, yo!!

Ghost Rider - Ghost Riders in the Sky

Ramrods - Ghost Riders in the Sky

Burl Ives - The original recording of Ghost Riders In The Sky

And if you think only dudes covered this song, well, some hot singing babes did too:

Peggy Lee - Riders In The Sky

Debbie Harry - Ghost Riders In The Sky (rare recording)

Although there have been numerous covers of this fabulous tune, as well as being used in movies, the very first popular version was done by Vaughn Monroe. It is still available from Itunes. It is in my view the ‘only’ version although Johnny Cash’ comes close.

I can recall playing Ghost Riders by Vaughn Monroe on an old 78 on a wind up gramaphone. Played it over and over, hundreds of times, and having to change the needle (stylus) every few plays. That was over 50 years ago ie closer to 60 years ago.

It’s a classic that will go on forever.

I agree with you Dave that Vaughn Monroe’s version is my favorite too!

Next would be Johnny Cash.

According to wiki and other searchs, I saw Burl Ives was the first to record it. He beat Monroe by about a month:

And tons of peeps recorded it as well, even Dylan:

I mixed up the variety - Who knew Scatman Crothers did it?! And the instrumental and visuals in the Ramrods’ clip was eerily cool! The girls did a great job too!

So while I was going to include it atop, well, here’s the only really good live version I watched like 50 times already. Mr. Smooooooth! Like you D.T. :wink: Enjoy!! :smiley:

Vaughn Monroe - Ghost Riders In The Sky (1965).flv

Thanks SPD was enjoyable.

I note the video ( no video then ie film) is circa 1965 however my recollection of playing this tune is much earlier.

Another tune I recall from around the same era is Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford. I can recall cranking up the wind up turntable for this 78. This would have been around 1958 & I remember first hearing the tune played by Boy Scouts from the US at a Jamboree we had here. It took a further 12 months or so before the actual tune by Tennessee Ernie Ford was available here. Still love it but not a great melody for playing on harp.