Angel with broken wings

something i recorded tonight

angle with broken wings.wmv

Hi Hobo good stuff :wink:

I was just wondering do you right the lyrics first. Then fit the music too it or vice versa.

Just wondering ???

cool tune.

Harp on!!

Great harp accompaniment with guitar - voice is a bit indistinct.
Keep it up! Geoff

Great! If it’s not too much to ask, could you record some guitar only for us to use as backing tracks? I love your playing!

thanks guys yea the vocals come out good on the 1st one then,I tried to bounch it all to free up 2 more tracks and lost it,so i recorded again but it came out different and more distorted,but i was ready for bed and it leave room for the imagination Lol thats the excuse ill use Imaginative interpative song:-)
Joe i wrote these lyricks down but down it in about 5 minutes thats how i do most my songs,Some i have done on the spot as i go,And some ive spent a little time trying to write,once i just pcked up a list of name of songs that i liked and looked at it and said hey a song and free formed it on the spot,(sugar baby) all except smoke that pipe sugar baby i added that,but everything else was songs i liked,and its one of my favorites its on reverb.I will have to come up with a jamtrack idea,God lol

That gives me an idea: Hobo’s jam tracks… “Hobo tracks” – Cut us a track in G 8)

Make it a challenge - on the “other” board sometimes they would have challenges. Someone would post a jam track, then you could play along to it, record it, and post it!

Well, maybe instead of calling it a challenge, call it a ‘fun time play along’ :wink:

Yeah, that’s a great idea!

The Hobo Jam Room, a thread where everyone can post playing on top of a jamtrack recorded by Hobo! Every once in a while he could update it with new jamtracks. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in Hobo?

I’ve seen this on guitar forums, and it’s something we should have here as well :slight_smile:

sure i post in my store,hobo’s broke and needing something to drink:-)

Cool :slight_smile:

i was kind of joking but i need to sell a song i havent sold 1:-( But whenever i get a listen it helps my charts position Im #1 in folk the only band i ever was in is #2 they kicked me out cause i had only been playing the harp a few months and they had a big gig,firgured i might ruin it for them,so i started posting where there music was,they didnt even know i played anything else its kind of funny they went in a studio,im sitting at home,but to be honest even though im ahead of them i like there music better than mine.but i have a few songs from acoustic rock,blues and hip hop feel free to give it a listen,Ill have to think about the jamtrack thing,its cool you want me to but its alot of work also.:slight_smile:

As long as you don’t overcharge it’s cool by me, but more people would of course join in if it were free, and that’s a pluss. I’ve listened to the music on your profile, and I really like your blues playing :slight_smile:

thanks yea ill throw something out there but it might be a day or 2,I was just joking about charging,but any listens i can get moves me up the charts,truth is nobody even considers me worth jamming with in this town there stuck up,Even my best friend wont jam with me hardly,I dont know why.So it is a honor for someone to actually want to jam,I do online colabs with people around the world for fun,post them on Acid planet,but i cant get a invite to a open jam here glad you dig my stuff,that has got you all a free Hobostubs jam track.:slight_smile:

How can i say no to God anyways;-)

ok this is what we can do harp contest for cash$$$$$$
ill make the jam track post it in my store,to enter you have to buy .99 jamtrack,we set a date from beginning to end,You enter your harp solo,we each can vote on the 1 we like the best,except you cant vote on yourself,we tally the votes winner gets 75% of the total of the entry fee,I get the rest:-) sence im organizing it i dont enter i just count,we call it harmonica gambling,hey look at all the people on here it could be lucrative:-) .99 cents could make you a hefty profit if you feel lucky.or have the chops to take the money:-)And with me not in it there cant be a tie cause i would have the extra vote.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you got to be in it to win it $$$$$$$$$$$

That sounds like a good idea! We should run a check for interest first though, I can write a thread about it now.

Hey, do you have a referal code for ReverbNation? I’m joining up now, so I could use your code and I suppose you get some points or something for that?

Sorry to hear about your problem with jam mates, man! I have problems finding people where I live too, nobody likes to play the blues here :frowning: Hit me up if you ever find yourself in Bergen, Norway!

Sweet!!! That’s the real thing…

I totally love the mood of this tune. Would be a great track to place in a Movie…

I also love the idea of your creating some Jam Tracks… Hobostubs style…


thanks JP. Allen
im glad you liked it,I been busy the last couple of days trying to get this computer working,but ill try to come up with something for a jamtrack in a few days.if anyone wants to check out some of my other songs feel free to stop in for a listen thanks