Another attempt at Amazing Grace

Played on a C Bluesmaster in 2nd pos key of G.


Ya no doubt very well played.

Don’t miss this one everybody. Make sure you push the ipod icon to the right of the player, it’ll say podcast on it
when you scroll over it with your mouse. Just click on it and it’ll play.

Great Job Dave

I am curious why files won’t play in this mp3 player but dropbox files will.

Harp On!!

They probably don’t allow external linking of files. They want to get credit for the page hit. It isn’t anything you are doing wrong, they just don’t want it to work that way. If it plays in the player then you don’t have to see their webpage.

Absolutely Beautiful & Amazing, Dave!

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Keep em coming!

Inre: Posting the links

As I don’t know enough about the MP3 player functions etc., I can’t answer the techno-geek questions.

My best alternative solution would be just to do whatever works for you. Be it a direct link from YouTube, or wherever ya’ll are importing your clips from.

Of course, whenever you do so, please double-check your own posts to make sure it/they does/do work.


Keep On Harpin’!

Thanks guys really appreciate your comments and support.


Oh yes, Dave probably should have also mentioned that I listened to the song and you did a great job.

David T, I thought I posted reply on the other site, but I guess I didn’t. So, You did great! I really like your version kinda jazzy! ;D