Another bit on the Harmonic Minor Harmonica
‘C’ Harmonica vs. ‘A’ Harmonic Minor Harmonica

So here is my latest!

I put up this video to give a better idea of what its like to play a Harmonic Minor harmonica…it really takes no more skill than the standard diatonic! I think some people think it requires a lot of bending, but really, its just a regular harp tuned differently!


Love the approach! Once I figured out I could play a chromatic like a diatonic, it was like my wheels got greased. And, when I used the chromatic approach to the tremello, well, I might not know what I am doing, but it sure sounds sweet. Good work.

That was good… you answered some of the questions I had. So, can you do JP’s gypsy lessons with a regular tuned diatonic, or do you need the harmonic minor one? And is it the key of A for those lessons?

No…you need an ‘A’ Harmonica Minor Harmonica for his lessons…you can’t use a standard, unless you can bend fluently!

Thanks! Like I said, I ain’t no expert, just love playing the harmonica!


Thanks! That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure before I plunk down any money. :slight_smile: