Another New Guy here

Hello Everyone

My name is Wayne. I am completely new to the harmonica having just picked out my first harmonica today.

I have purchased a Suzuki Promaster MR-350 Diatonic Harmonica as my first harmonica. I have also ordered the Suzuki Easy Rider Harmonica (one for at home and one for the pocket). Both are in the Key of C.

I also purchased the book “Hal Leonard’s FastTrack Harmonica1”. (The store did not have much of a selection of harmonica books!)

I think that I can do this IF I can just figure out just how to blow a single note! I think that is a good place to start. Please advise if you have other opinions.

I would like to start off simple. Perhaps DO RE MI.

My ultimate goal is to play one short song. Than perhaps two short songs. Who knows.

I play the mandolin and I am attempting to learn the banjo. I love the oldtime music.

I am pleased that I have discovered this forum.


Hi Wayne … I purchased and downloaded JP’s lessons a week ago. Had a few days off work, and I am now up to lesson 50. I am playing single notes more consistently, and playing a few songs (okay, they are still rough!). Anyway, I recommended downloading JP’s lessons. He is really great and makes it a fun experience. Good luck!

BTW, I also love the old-time stuff! I have been playing guitar for about twenty years. I am 60 years old and live in Connecticut. I was born in London and lived in Liverpool during my teen years. Cheers, Ray

Hi Ray

I was beginning to believe that there was nobody on this forum.
It’s good that you are having success.

I tried to find a link to the DVDs. What is the price on this DVD?


Hi Wayne… The download without the DVD’s is approximately $200, and with the DVD’s (which are the same lessons as the download) is approximately $250. There are 99+ lessons, song books and other stuff. I think its a great deal. I took guitar lessons for six years, so I spent a lot more then! Go to the home page ( and check it out. I think you can view a few of the lessons before purchasing. Good Luck! Cheers, Ray

Wow - that really is a lot of money.
I will have to give this a lot of thought.