Another new guy

Hi, I’m Steve.
From New York, work for NYC.

Honestly I have no musically inclination at all, my brother can basically play whatever is put in front of him. I’Ve never really had the desire to play music but I really like the Harmonica, like that I can carry it around with me, that I can play it and put it away wherever. Plus it sounds awesome hahah.

Mostly I’m looking for advice on a dvd set I can watch and learn the basics and technique.
Are there any worth buying?

Thanks everyone!

Hi Steve,

I learned from JP’s course check it out here.

Start you from basic and it will bring you into advance playing capabilities

So give it a try Guaranteed to work or your money back…

Harp On

Glad you joined our group!

Joe is right…its an excellent program!

And make sure to ask any questions that you might have!


At least almost everyone can be expert on one instrument…the nose.
You can pick it or blow it.
I know. That’s gross. But true.
You don’t have to be ready for Carnegie Hall to have great enjoyment with music.
Just relax, do what you can do, use JP’s system, and have fun just playing a great instrument.
I bet you’ll surprise yourself at how well you can learn the harp.


Thanks guys, ordered jps set for myself for christmas, lol. Looking forward to getting it.