Any harp superstitions out there?

I’ve always liked superstitions involving sports and other activities. It’s not that I really believe that they accomplish anything, but I’ve always just thought it was fun to have a quirky routine about certain things that put you in the right mindset.

For instance, I will not play golf with a ball that I haven’t applied six dots to with a black Sharpie pen, and I keep a Sharpie in my bag for that reason. The dots go in a triangular pattern around the label on each side. If I haven’t taken the time to handle the ball and carefully apply them, the ball feels no sense of being owned and thus has no reason to behave properly. It could just decide to go out of bounds or into a lake on the first shot and avoid being hit anymore. They frequently do those things even while wearing the dots, but that’s beside the point.

Just wondering if anybody’s ever heard any from a harmonica player or, better yet, practices any themselves.


Hello @DitchParrot,
You get thoughts … :joy: My dad played the saxophone and clarinet on stage for decades. I don’t know superstition directly with wind instruments or harmonica. But what I know about musicians before a gig is “Break a Leg” … :grin: