Any interest in sharing some chops on a song

I’m quite the noobie. Was wondering. I am doing a cd project in a bluesy style - Christian genre. Would anyone be interested in adding some harmonica chops to a track? I do home recording and am mainly a guitar player. I hear harmonica on a couple tracks but my harmonica chops are still quite green to be on a song yet. lol!

Any interest, shoot me an e-mail to

How this would work is I’d send you an mp3 of the track via e-mail. You record starting at the same spot but record just your harmonica track on a file, save it as an mp3 and e-mail that to me. I insert it in the track and shazam it’s like you were here recording it.

You won’t get rich or famous because I’m certainly not but you might have some fun with it. :slight_smile: That’s all I can promise you. I do some local gigs in the summer with my original songs and I’m working on the project for this year now. Earlier work is at but the current project is much more bluesy music. Uptempo feel. I roll from BB King, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Skynyrd influences musically. The last project was much more contemporary.


Sure! I’ll give it a shot to do something different…

Drop me an instant message and we’ll meet in the locker room to work on the details. 8)

Keep On Harpin’!

Hey folks. he didn’t end up having the time to do this. Is anyone else interested in doing this?

Here is the song: days a gift from the Lord.mp3

Play along with this but just e-mail your track. Or pan the music left and your harp right so I can pull just your part and import it into the song.

e-mail is if any questions.

Looking to wrap this up real soon. Needing harp throughout and right as the band kicks in you can take the main solo part there till the vocals kick in.


The song link does not work!

Nuts, the link broke apart on me. This will work:


This one works! Thanks!

Great. Let me know if you or if anyone else is interested in doing this. My harp technique is in it’s infancy and no where near ready to record. So I’m asking for some help if anyone would like to contribute.

e-mail any questions -


Mine is early Grammer School at best but I’ll enjoy playing with it. I hope you find someone to help you out!

Record it and send it to me. I’m no pro. Just having some fun.


Dave What key is the track in.

It’s in the key of E. So if your cross harp playing I guess A harp.