Any suggestion on how to practice...

Ok… this is how it goes… 2 guy with 3 girls in a band (a drummer, 2 guitarist, 1 bass guitarist and a keyboard player) was supposed to practice but ended up side tracked.

We are actually practice a song called “One Drop”… but ended up getting side tracked… and we have 2 months to pull this off…

So if it were you how do you over come this hurdle?

Try this:

Find some older friends, relatives or even volunteer acquaintances who aren’t all as chummy with the band members as you are –

Who are willing to sit through a practice session or two –

Provide them with refreshments and treats (maybe even some cash) to help pass the time away –

Give each a tablet and pencil/pen for taking notes –

Perform for them to the top of your game as you will when your gig comes up –

Afterwards ask each for their honest constructive suggestions, criticisms, etc.

Be polite! Swallow your pride if you have to!

And then do it all over again until you nail it!

Hope this helps!

Keep on jammin, yo!

OK, apologies ahead of time for this, but here’s what I always told my students
(and anyone else who asks how to practice). Here goes…

As much as possible, as often as possible.

The question you always need to ask is, “How dedicated am I to this musical goal?”
If you really just want to get together and jam and maybe have the occassional spot-
lighted show, that’s one thing, but if you are endeavoring to become a true performance
band, then SPD’s advice is as good as it gets. Make every “practice” a performance.
There is no “practice,” only preparation or lack of it. It is difficult to get everyone to
get serious at the same time (but if you’re only doing it for fun, don’t get too worried
about the serious part). Have as many people at every practice as possible, so that every practice is more of a “show.” The more friends your friends bring, the more apt you are
to have an audience you don’t know personnally, and the more seriously it will make your band perform. When I played seriously, everyone in my band practiced individually for hours on end.
When we came together, we were putting together what we had already perfected (to a point)
individually, and fitting all our ideas together like a piece of art (not always pretty art) or a puzzle. Listen to SPD and you will do well. That’s a recipe for success.