Anyone from South Carolina?

Is there anyone from SC that would like to maybe help me master some of harmonica techniques? JP’s videos are AMAZING, but nothing beats meeting someone face to face if you know what I mean.

Well J~J:

I hear tell BB (BugleBoy) is from North Carolina - And he has nerve to call me a Yankee!

G-Man (Gregmatic) tells of living in SC but now residing in Missery uh Missurah um Missouri - Yeah, that’s it!

So hopefully they might meet you half way!

Good Luck!!

Well I’ll be in Indiana durring Thanksgiving. Does anyone live in Indiana?

In another lifetime, had a couple off-base g/fs when I lived at Ft. Ben Harrison, just outside the Circle. Then had other g/fs when I was working for a trucking company on the inside of the Circle.

None were into harps back then…Maybe today…But you’d have to find them on your own now!

Good Luck on Turkey Day, eh?!

Actually Spud, I’m a good (sorta) ole boy from SC. And you ARE a Yankee. But we’re making you an honorary good ole Southern boy. Any trucker is OK by me. I used to fix the rigs when your kind broke 'em. Truckers are OK by me. Billy Bob Thornton said that in the South we consider “Smokey And The Bandit” a documentary. We always say anybody living north of Fort Mill is a Yankee.
In which part of the state are you located, little harpin buddy? I wish I could have done a little Roscoe P. Coletrain laugh right there. Amboy Dukes of Hazard? OK, I quit.


I’m near Columbia. In Lexington.

I supervise a maintenance shop and rule 1 is it is always the driver’s fault. ;D