Anyone know who this lady harp player is?

OK, Here’s my first serious question. I have been looking through songs, playing harp in a Gospel Bluegrass band now, and in a revival band. I am not deeply familiar with gospel, just always loved it. So I “discovered” this guy, Russ Taff (everyone into Gospel knows of his I guess, he’s pretty amazing). There’s a song I really like the harp track on. I like the technique, the lady harpist plays beautifully and just enough throughout the piece. Man, who is she? It’s here:

Russ Taff - Life’s Railway to Heaven

Russ Taff - Life’s Railway to Heaven

Thanks if you know. And PS - Yes it’s just chugging and backbeat till the second half. Still very understated but my idea of a really good player playing in a really nice tune. People should never forget that the music is telling a story. Practice the technique, but also practice letting go and letting the story, live you (blues of gospel). This lady’s got “it” down.

According to one of the comments on another YouTube clip of the same video, the blonde curly-haired woman is his wife.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is her playing in the recorded song.
The songs is from the tribute album called “Under Their Influence, Vol. 1” but I can’t find any detailed credits online.

Yea, thanks, I saw that too. I don’t think that’s her though. There is a dark haired woman sitting on the stool who is playing that harp. Someone on the same comment thread mentioned two names and I searched them but I failed to find any of the mentioned names (a man now deceased and a woman) that were harmonica players.

It’s possible that one of the names, Kim Keyes, who sang backup for Amy Grant was her but, there is no mention anywhere that she played harmonica???

(The whole genre is new to me - although I totally embrace it)

So, possibly it’s her shown here(?):

I know it’s simple but I just love the prefect simplicity she played harp on that song.

Some of the snippets in the Google search results suggested it might be Buddy Greene, but then when I clicked through I could not find those snippets on the actual page. But they were both involved with the Gaithers.

Well, you could always go to and send an email. Maybe you’ll get lucky! Keep us posted if you find out.

Good idea, thanks. I just sent a request for more info from that sites contact page.

ADDED: Ack!! I cannot get pics onto this post. I took a couple screen shots of the mystery lady from the video and was about to post two of them. But I can’t. First it said files too big, so I shrank them below the size it said it wanted. Then tried again. Still, files too big, so I tried uploading in two messages. Now I get;

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No way to resolve this and I looked through help but did not find an admin link.

Hope someone reads this who can help.

Oh well.