Anyone know...

If Blues Band reed plates will fit a Special 20?

Why would you want to put POS reedplates into a fine harmonica?

So I can use the harmonica, at least get it functional. I blew out the four reed some months ago. Its my first harmonica and buying new reed plates is just as expensive as a new harp. I’ve got a Blues Band and if they fit, why not use them?

The Blues Band is a crappy harp, maybe the reed plates will sound better in the SP20? I don’t know, just asking.

If the plates fit without having to modify either the comb or the plates, go for it. But if your going to go thru the trouble, why not use the four hole reed/s from the BB and transplant them into the Spec 20. By doing this you would have the Spec 20 with a repaired reed rather than a BB in a Spec 20 comb and mouthpiece. Search for Bill Romel he demonstrates a very simple method in which the rivet stays with the transplant reed when removed from the donor reedplate. I use his methom all the time to save/resurrect harps. The tools needed are simple.

Thanks, Supe. I hadn’t thought about that or knew a ‘layman’ could do such a thing. I’ll look into it.