Are harmonica players "characters"?

In a welcome comment J.P. said “you’ll meet a lot of characters”.

I believe he’s right!

You don’t flock to play the harmonica for peer approval.

You don’t choose the harmonica because it’s every bands cool lead instrument.

You don’t continue to learn-because you decided to learn something “easy” to play.

Mommas don’t rush to have their kids in a harmonica recital.

Nope, a harmonica guy is a stand up dude. He’s got your back. He chooses his friends and his instruments, 'cause he likes them. His (her) choice…and that my friend, is a character–with character.

Well, alrighty then! Thanks for letting me in ;D



Ditto, Mr B!! ;D

I play harmonica cause I couldn’t afford a Grand Piano!! LOL

Just joking

Definitely makes sense to me McManus 8)

Harp On!!

Amen to that and you know it! (Though having a harp for lead in a band would be sweet…really sweet in fact.)
‘For every harmonica player there is an equal and opposite ‘normal’ musician.’
–Burning Thunder

We’re not just characters, were friggin’ rock stars from Mars. Just kidding, that guy goes way beyond being a character.

I’ve never met a “normal” musician, no matter what they play.
Do you think a musician would/could recognize normal?

What, exactly is ‘normal’ anyway? ;D

Well, as I always say, “You’re Unique, just like everyone else!”