are you in north west England

Hi there im looking for, well ideally a jam buddie, but im also interested to find if there is anyone in the th west of england,uk, who is a serious harp playa every one i speak to seem to own a harp but they can hardly play it and are not interested in taaking it further
im new to the harp, altho i only just found out from talking to my mum that I did actually play as a little boy when i lived in Scotland, aparently my Grand father taught me, so I geuss im re learning even tho I have no memory of that as a kid I am finding that im picking up playing my harmonica fairly easily
so if thee is anyone out there proferably in the north west please let me know you are there :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So you really are a phenix! The flame of an old skill burning to the surface from deep in the spirit.
Deep huh! Good luck finding a harp buddy face to face! I have the same problem finding someone local to play music with.

yea I know what you mean Paul

The ammount of people that say "oh ye aI can play the harmonica " then when they hear you play say " no I cant play like that I can play " then they mention a single song lol but there must be someone here that knows how to play properly, If not then Ill just have to go to those sites you emailed me learn from them and become the best in the north west lol

You will find many here that know how to play, and play very well. I’d say since you have JP’s lessons, your starting off on a good head start! Keep us posted on how your coming along.
I can play several songs, melodies, and riffs but don’t feel I could jam with anyone.

I didnt feel confident either till the other day, I was watching one of JPs videos and he gets two guys up onstage and teached them the simple too , too ,ta ,ta method and these guos started jamin instantly and JPP talks about getting rid of your own negative deamons, ie saying “your your worst critic” and he is right so I pulled in my stomach opened my windows and just started to play I didnt realise that there was alot of people heard me till the day after when I spoke to one of my neighbours who asked if it was me playing I ofcourse told him it was and he invited to a club and I got up there with him closed my eyes and focused on the music and I had a blast, I hit a few bum notes but you know what ? We got a round of applause at the end him on his guitar and me on my harp, im thinking of going busking soon and a guy that was at the club has a studio, if i want to record a disc I need to get at least 10 songs that I can do without needing the tabs infront of me and thatsit
so maybe im just a nutter and jumping in where angels dare to tread but I am loving it

Awesome stroke of luck and good times! Talk about incentive to keep going!

Well I ain’t, but you might head to…they have a harmonica chat room! Pretty sweet, but its not exactly the same thing.


No, Not the same thing. I agree!
It does help break the ice of playing for others, and there is always positive feed back and support, even if the performance wasn’t top notch.