Aria Harmonicas

Does anyone know anything about Aria harps? They seem to be pretty cheap but Aria have been making instruments for a very long time - my bass in an Aria so I have a connection there - so wondering if the quality is there? Plastic comb, stainless covers, not sure about the reeds or reed-plates. The covers look similar in design to the Special 20.

Just wondering.

I couldn’t really say…never heard of them. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist! Hehehehe!!

On the upside: They offer all the major keys and some flats.

On the downside: Seems though they’d be disappointing to get as I found sites that have discontinued them:–ARIAAAH1020–ARIAAAH1020

Still available here though:

On the side-side, my first impression is that they’d be more comparable to David Harp’s Mojos or something similar; and they are cheap; but yet that’s not saying much either.

Unless there’s a track record of good vs bad vs so-so reviews and more info from real players and not just pitchmen/women, well, I wouldn’t necessarily be jumping through hoops to invest in them…But that’s just me. But then again, who knows?!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)