There is a lot of emphasis on articulating sounds in these early lessons. My question is, what is the purpose of that? I know JP says “to set healthy harmonica habits,” but what kind of a good habit? Will I be talking in addition to playing the harmonica at the same time, later? And, why?


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Howdy Paws. I’m sorry nobody answered your question,
and I completely overlooked you posts. I guess that was
when I was away for a bit.
Let me start by saying WELCOME.
The articulation emphasis will make more sense as you
progress. Your oral cavity shape has everything to do with
playing well. Making the various oral configurations a matter
of habit will have you at the right position for new techniques
you will want to pick up such as bending and coloring your notes.
I hope I’m not oversimplifying my answer.
There are some players who actually talk into their harmonicas.
It’s something I’ve heard among many old timers around here.
They make the harp talk.