Astatic JT 30 roadhouse clips

Since people are asking…

I did some testing of this mic and even some comparison recording with other mics.

Here are a couple of clips…if anyone is intersted in hearing more of it, i’ll come up with others:

This one is into a valve junior and two 12 inch jensen speakers…mic’d in the room with a studio condenser mic.

I tried to stick with some basic bluesy stuff to demo the mic in a simple medium tight cupped scenario.

Here’s one using the amp attenuated via a DI box straight into my PA system…again mic’d in the room with a studio mic.

of course, there is no speaker breakup in the one using the PA, so any grit is coming right off the valve junior and the mic.

here’s one of the mic alone, direct into my digital workstation…no amp or effects at all. Really, if you want to know the mic potential, this one is probably the starting point you should use…no EQ, no room effect, no added effects or mastering kit. Just a simple one track recording with the jam track recorded on two other tracks first. this one shows the mic in it’s raw form. the rest is you.

Hope that answers a few questions about this $70 mic…i think it’s well worth it…it’s my primary mic now and plays well a variety of ways…amp’d or not…plus you can sing into it.

Here’s one with three different mics…first in each series is a samson vocal mic i use often to sing and play into…the second one is a homemade mic i made from a CB mic element and an ibuprofen bottle…the third is the Jt30 roadhouse. All are straight in with no eq or effects…digital boss br1180cd recorder.

just for fun…i stopped doing copies of the licks after a while and just played since the difference was so obvious between the three mics.

Like art, I don’t know much about mics and amps whatsoever; but I know what I like! :slight_smile:

Cuts 2 & 4 here for me, yo! :smiley:

Keep on jammin’! 8)

I like cut #1 the best ;D

It’s got the cool squiggly lines going across the screen it’s like my computer is talking to me.

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Great Stuff Congaron!!!

Really great mic review.